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Computer Sculpture Park

This is a record of an exibition of sculpture produced in Computer Sculpture, held in the Fall Quarter of 1996, the first fine art course taught with the Active Worlds educational world of The College of Design, Achitecture, Art and Planning at The University of Cincinnati.

For this exhibition models were initially generated in 3DStudio Max and exported to 3D Studio 4 for surface mapping, or modelled and mapped in TrueSpace. The resulting files were converted to rwx format, and prepared for installation in DAAP using rwxmod.exe.

"Compass", by Josh Barnes.

"Remzi's Brain", by Remzi Gumus.

"Untitled", by Josh Barnes.

"Untitled", by Remzi Gumus.

"Reclining Nude", by David Bennett.

"Gingerbread Poles", by Laura Herman.

"Untitled", by David Bennett.

"Cube", by Patrick Mills.

"Car", by Jason Black.

"The evolution of Techknowledge", By Randall Sackerson.

"Clown", by Jason Black.

"Reclining Figure", by Randall Sackerson.

"Lamp", by Jason Black.

"Macarina", by Derrick Woodham.

"Tailwind", by Richard Cawood.

"Snoozie", by Derrick Woodham.

Teleport here to DAAP, The computer sculpture park in our college Active Worlds community, presently under construction. You may also visit by entering the education portal inside The Gate in Alphaworld at Ground Zero, or teleporting via the menu option to daap from anywhere within Active Worlds.

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