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Grilles and Fields

"Gates" installed in "Sculpture in the Park," Paramus Park, New Jersey. 1974.

"Gates" was one of twenty sculptures commissioned by North Jersey Cultural Council to be built in Paramus Park as part of the "Sculpture in the Park" exhibition. Local schools were invited to view the installations in progress and meet with the artists at work. Controversy surrounding some vandalism to the exhibition caused it to be closed early, and the commissioned work was re-located to the grounds of Bergen County Community College.

Maquettes for grille sculptures produced at the University of Kentucky from 1973 - 78.

"Trefoil." Three 12"x14"x1" grilles. Painted aluminum extrusion.

"Reach." Two grilles, 12"x18"x10" approx. Varnished mahogany.

"Interface." Two grilles, 16"x16"x10" approx. Painted aluminum extrusion.

Maquettes for grate sculptures.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 8"x124"x12", unfinished maple

"1, 3." and "2, 4." Two arrangements, 10"x10"x4", and 10"x16"x2, painted maple.

"1, 3, 5, 2, 4." 10"x18"x8", painted maple.

"1 on 4." 5'x8'x3', varnished chipboard.

"5, 5, 4." 45"x32"x6", painted aluminum extrusion.

The "Fields" series.

The set began as 16 pieces of painted aluminum extrusion 21' long, 4 each 4", 3", 2", and 1" square, installation dimensions variable. The first three installations, in tne Fine Arts Gallery, the foyer of the Patterson Tower at the University of Kentucky, and at the Art Jones Gallery in Cincinnati, used a similar arrangement, though with varying proportions, displayed on the floor, ceiling and wall respectively. The fourth installation, on the floor of the Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, and as peresented in DAAP, Activeworlds, extended the spacing of the extrusions at each level to their fullest, containing the layered progressions entirely within a bounding parallelogram.

In the Fine Arts Gallery, UK., 1976.

In the Art Jones Gallery, 1988.

Patterson Tower Foyer installation, UK., 1976-80.

In the Alice & Harris Weston Art Gallery,
Cincinnati, 2012.

On line in DAAP, Active Worlds.

In the Alice & Harris Weston Art Gallery,

"Fields V" installed at DAAP, 2016.

"Fields V" is the fifth installation of the set, hanging on the external wall of the west light well of the library in the Arooff building of The College of Design Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. One axis of the parallelogram is aligned with the vertical arrangement of the defining panels on the retaining wall behind the sculpture, and the extrusions are reduced to 18' 4" to accommodate the scale of the location.

The 3ds Max model of "Fields V" installed in DAAP, 2017.

The installation of the "Fields V" model in DAAP, Active Worlds.

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