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The Modular Set: Rythms.

At the University of Kentucky, 1973-4.

The last eight pieces of the set, 6" x 6" x 8', were completed at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 1973. "Untitled Wave" was displayed on campus in an expanded form at the Barnhard Gallery. Then in exhibitions at the Rasdall and Fine Arts Galleries I explored the use use of overlaid "ripple" patterns contained by the gallery floorplans. These began a series of installations addressing the engagement of the set with it's exhibition context, which continues through the most recent displays.

Barnhard Gallery, 1973.


"Wave closeup."

Fine Arts Gallery, 1974.


"Rythums closeup."

"Rythms closeup."


"Dance" at the Rasdall Gallery, 1974.

"Dance" was the first installation to display the set as an arrangement of seperated, organisationally related groupings. Each group could be seen as an individual, a couple, or a trio of peformers caught in unison.

"Dance details."

"Clouds." 1974.

"Clouds" was the first installation of the complete set, and the earliest arrangement to be reconstructed as a three dimensional model on the computer and exported to a multi-user virtual reality application accessible over the Internet.

"Metal Arts Building installation."

"M A B installation closeup."

"Clouds in DAAP, Active Worlds ®."

"modeled in 3D Studio Max ®."
2.3mb mpg animation

Two Installations at J. H. Duffy & Son, New York, 1974.

The two installations at J. H. Duffy and Son demonstrated different organisational themes within the same space: "Garden" offered a picturesque ramble through and around dislocated and overgrown untended beds and paths; "Pride" evoked a restful but confrontational collective encounter.


"Gallery installation."

"3D Studio Max ® model."
2.3mb mpg animation

"Active Worlds ® installation."


"Gallery installation."

"Lion, the superior figure."

"Gallery installation."

"Pride in DAAP, Active Worlds ®."

"modeled in 3D Studio Max ®."
2.3mb mpg animation

Untitled site-specific installation in "Three Artists" at Hopkins Hall Gallery, The Ohio State University, 1975.

"Gallery view south."

"Installation detail."

"Gallery view north."

"Untitled in DAAP, Active Worlds ®."

"modeled in 3D Studio Max ®."
2.3mb mpg animation

In my retrospective at "Art Across the Street," Cincinnati, Ohio, 1988.

The model was arranged on grid paper proportioned to fit into the gallery, and the design inverted when the set was hung from the gallery ceiling

"The model arrangement."

"The installation in situ."

"Wave" at The Adam's Landing Art Center, Cincinnati, 1994-5.

This was the first time I planned an installation first on the computer, using a model of the set and gallery made in 3D Studio Max ®.

the Adams Landing installation"

"Adams Landing,
the 3D Studio model"

in DAAP, Active Worlds ®"

The Modular Set in Iowa.

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