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Moiré Screens

The moiré screen series began as a set of silkscreen prints produced while teaching a printmaking class at The University of Victoria during the Summer of 1976. Two screens were made on which a square set of parallel lines were stencilled onto the silk, one as lines on a clear ground, one as clear lines on a colored ground. The print images were built by rotating the paper 75.5ş beneath the screen each time the ink was applied for a maximum of six colors. Three prints were produced, One layered six descending shades of grey lines, one paired three descending shades of grey lines, and one rotated six transparent layers of colored ground. The images below are reconstructions in 3DS Max of the process, made in 2009.

"Six Graduated Greys."

"Six Graduated Colors."

"Three Paired Greys."

When I returned to the University of Kentucky that Fall, I produced the first of the moiré screens, layering the five levels of wooden slats as if rotated around a common axis in the manner of a fan. This I presented initially as a free standing screen and later as a wall mounted installation. In this configuration the levels of the screen were painted from front to rear graduating from light red to light blue.

"Moiré Fan Model '76."

"Moiré Fan freestanding."

"Moiré Fan freestanding."

"Moiré Fan hanging."

"Moiré Fan hanging."

"Moiré Cincle," shown here installed in "Wood" at the Skydome Gallery of the Lexington Public Library in 1978, was formed by containing the Moiré screen within the outline of a 12' circle. It used the same number of layers and color system as "Moiré Fan" above, applied in darker tones.

"Moiré Circle" at Lexington Public Library.

The following images of "Moiré Cincle," show it installed in my solo exhibition at the Lexigton Arts Council Gallery in the Lexington Opera House in 1980, where I used floodlights for the first time to photograph the shadow patterns cast on the adjacent wall.

"Moiré Circle" at the Lexington Opera House.

"Moiré Pentagon" Installed for the Mid America College Art Association Conference in Indianapolis 1n 1985. The outline of the sculpture is defined on four sides by using parallel elements from two layers of the screen

"Moiré Pentagon."

"Corridors and Fields," Northern Kentucky University Gallery, 1984.

"Corridors and Fields," an exhibition at the Northern Kentucky University Art Gallery, brought all of the screens together in one venue. Repainted to match the color of the gallery walls, each screen was illuminated with three spotlights, to emphasise the role of the patterns formed on the background walls by their multiple shadows.

Installation views at Northern Kentucky University.

The following images show "Moiré Fan" at Northern Kentucky University illuminated with multiple colors.

"Orange and blue pojections"

"Red, blue and yellow projections"

"Purple and Yellow projections"

"Red, blue and yellow projections"

"Moiré Fan" and "Moiré Circle" were reconstructed in 3D Studio Max® and rendered using ray traced lighting to create colored shadows on the background wall. The resulting images were used to create false shadows on the wall behind the models installed on line in DAAP.

"Moiré Fan" in Max.

"Moiré Circle" in Max."

"Moiré Fan" flipped in DAAP.

"Moiré Circle in DAAP.

"Circular Screen"

The following image shows "Circular Screen," my first computer generated model of a sculpture, made in 3D Studio. It became the centerpiece of my first computer-based animated tour of a model. Follow this link to view details of the model and animation in my "Cincinnati Portfolio" page

"Circular Screen alone."

Moiré fragments.

These recently constructed fragments are models of the design elements in earlier sculptures. The first recreates "Moiré Pentagon" shown at Northern Kentucky University in 1984, then in 1985 in Indianaplois, and later installed in DAAP, my on line multi-user virtual sculptue world.

"Moiré Pentagon Paired" in DAAP.

"Moiré Pentagon"

The second model shows the Moiré fragment repeated and inverted in "Moiré Screen" installed in the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co Headquarters Building in 1988. Visit this link for views of the installation and model.

"Moiré Screen Element."

The third model was installed as a group of five arranged sequentially on each edge as my contribution to the Mathematics section of Intersculpt 2007 in DAAP.

"Moiré Fragment"

"Moiré Fragment x 5" in DAAP.

"Moiré Fan" and "Moiré Pentagon" installed in "Built in the Digital World" at the Alice and Harris Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, in 2012.

"Moiré Fan"

"Moiré Pentagon"

The upper six images below show "Moiré Pentagon" installed in 2013 by the bridge in the atrium of the Aronoff Center, The College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, at The University of Cincinnati. The lower images show the sculpture illuminated by sunlight falling through "Skylight," a light filtering color transparency installation by Dan Leonard.

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