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New York

Richard Feigen Gallery, Sept 1966.

My first visit to New York, in the Summer of 1966, was at the invitation of Richard Feigen, who arranged an opportunity for me to produce work in the city for a Fall exhibition at his New York Gallery, which I shared with David Hall. Three pieces were fabricated there, and one brought over from the UK for the show. The image for the poster, used for this page background and above, is excerpted from working drawings for "Concentric Nested Quadrants."

Installation views, Richard Feigen Gallery, Sept 1966.

"Concentric nested Quadrants. 1966"

"Curved Half Cylinders. 1966"

"Maroon Quadrants. 1966"

"Loveseat. 1965"

The Jewish Museum 1969

In 1969 I was invited by Tejas Engelsmith to install a solo exhibition of my maquettes for a series of large scale panel sculptures at The Jewish Museum in New York, invoking architectural and landscape based forms, and including "Kentucky Grass" the first full size panel sculpure fabricated in the United States. Recent digital models reconstructed in 3D Studio Max are rendered below.

Installation views, The Jewish Museum.

From the left: Maquette for "Cloud,"
"Kentucky Grass." and maquette.

Maquettes for "Catherine,"
"Kentucky Grass," Mesa," "Cloud."

Model of "Catherine."

Model of "Mesa."

Model of "Kentucky Grass."

Model of "Cloud."

The Richard Feigen Gallery, May 1970.

On May 2nd, 1970, I opened the exhibition program in Richard Feigen's new Gallery at 27 East 79th Street with a one man show surveying the range of work I had produced since returning to the U. S. A., including the panel sculpture maquettes and further sculptures addressing landscape and architectural forms. The poster displays a contact sheet of b/w positive film showing the installation of "Catherine" at Jim Meeker's residence in Fort Worth.

"Installation views, Feigen Gallery."

"Five Black Panels."

"Ogival Columns."





"Causeway: Extending Prism."




"Kentucky Grass" at Jim Meeker's Residence,
Fort Worth, Texas. 1971.

"Black" at William Kelly Simpson's residence,
Katonah, New York. 1989

Maquette for "Blue," Made in 1970 after the exhibition.

The following models were painted plywood prototypes made in 1969/70 intended for reproduction as limited editions, however the editions were never produced.

"Corner Lot" and "Concentric Prisms."

"City Block."


"Derrick Woodham, Arrangements with a Modular Set"
J. H. Duffy & Son, 1974.

In December 1974 I exhibited two consecutive arrangements of my 80 piece modular set, titled "Garden" and "Pride" respectively. selecting the images below will take ou to larger views, giving you the option of returning to the Rythms page for more views of the installations.



"Other Primary Structures"
The Jewish Museum, March 14th - August 3rd, 2015.


In January 2014 I heard from the Jewish Museum that they were planning "Other Primary Structures" which would include a comprehensive model of the "Primary Structures" exhibition held there in 1966, including maquettes of all the exhibited sculptures. They needed color information on "siviley," my contribution to that exhibition, and as I had no color images or the original sculpture available, I made a three dimensional model in a computer based 3D modeling program, and sent them renderings of the model for their advice. Here's the link to my Other Primary Structures page.

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