© Derrick Woodham. Updated January 8th., 2016.


"Piazza" is my first construction project in Alphaworld, located at 450S, 40W.The site is designed to provide indoor and outdoor display areas for sculpture I have modeled in 3DStudio, and converted for installation in Alphaworld off-line.

There are two terraced plazas, each with a central fountain, aligned on an east-west axis. An elevated platform, accessed by ramps from each side, connects the plazas, and supports a glass walled gallery. These images provide views of the main features of the site; the gallery, ramps, fountains, and sculptures installed off-line.

"Piazza" is the prototype for an environment to be built in DAAP, the Active Worlds community of The College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, at The University of Cincinnati, where we hope to make and display our work online. I am planning with other faculty from the college to use DAAP as a venue for interactive learning.

Teleport here to DAAP, our college Active Worlds community, presently under construction, which contains three dimensional models of my sculpture recently prepared. You may also visit by teleporting via the menu option to coordinates "daap" from anywhere within Active Worlds.

Teleport here to Piazza.

This link to DAAP 96 is an HTML presentation on my first exhibition of sculpture in an Active Worlds zone, DAAP.

Download the Active Worlds browser and register here

For more about myself and my sculpture, visit my homepage here.