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Cincinnati portfolio

Truckin' along in the London Marathon.

Cincinnnati Portfolio presents animations and images of artwork I planned and/or finished on the computer at the University of Cincinnati, modeled in Autodesk 3D Studio®, 3D Studio MAX® and Truespace®, rendered in jpg format, and animated on a Darim® mpeg demo animation encoder plug-in.

Select "repeat" as the default play option in your media player when viewing the animations.


The Adams Landing installation.

"Adams Landing"
the 3D Studio model.

in DAAP, Active Worlds®.

"Adams Landing" is a rendering of the 3D Studio model of "Wave" using my "Modular Set", a group of 80 pieces produced between 1970 and 1974, reconfigured at each installation in response to the form of the exhibition site. This was the first time I planned an installation first on the computer, for its exhibition at The Adam's Landing Art Center, Cincinnati in 1994-95.

"Cloud 11"

the Art Jones Gallery installation.

The 3D Studio model.

In DAAP, Active Worlds®.

"Cloud 11" was hung from the ceiling of the Art Jones Gallery for my only solo retrospective in Cincinnati, in 1988. This was the first site specific installation of elements of the actual set in Cincinnati, and the first time since it was completed that it was not shown in its entireity. The 3D Studio model and DAAP installation were produced in 2015.


"Geocolumn" at Murray State
University Gallery, 1978.

"Geocolumn" the 3D Studio model.

"Geo Venus" in DAAP, Active Worlds.

"Geocolumn" at Art Jones'
Gallery, 1988.

166k mpg animation.

"Geocolumn" shows three views of a reconstruction of my "Seven Equal Unit Length Geometric Solids" sculpture, produced originally in 1978. Renamed "Geo Venus" it is now in the collection of Radford University. The 166k animation rotates the sculpture at La Grande-Motte, France.



"Macarina" in DAAP.

In 3D Studio MAX.

"Dance" was originally fabricated in laquered maple in 1984-5, and exhibited at The Tangemann Gallery, University of Cincinnati. It was recreated as "Macarina" in TrueSpace, as a demonstration project for my first Media Fundamentals class for installation in DAAP, our interactive on line virtual reality environment in Active Worlds, and again in 3D Studio MAX for this page.

"Rotating Cube"

The 3D Studio model.

"Demon Seed" at the
Tangemann Gallery, UC.

In DAAP, Active Worlds.

"Rotating Cube"
161k .mpg animation.

The group in DAAP,
Active Worlds.

"Son of Demon Seed"

2.3meg mpg animation.

Above are three images of the sculpture initially called "Rotating Cube" fabricated in plywood in 1986, renamed "Demon Seed" by a visitor to the Tangemann Gallery exhibition in 1987. It is now in the collection of Radford University. A four cube variation is animated at the Grande Motte, and with three more complex versions, incorporating six, eight, and ten cubes in their arrangement is shown as initially modeled in 3D Studio. The original sculpture was not made on the computer until 2015. "Son of Demon Seed" the 10 cube version of "Rotating Cube," is animated here.

The C. G. & E. Commissions.

"Emerging Cube"

"4th level atrium bridge"

"Moire Screen detail"

"Emerging Cube"
in 3D Studio.
2.03mb mpg animation.

"Moire Screen"
in 3D Studio.

"Moire Screen" detail.
2.03mb mpg animation.

"C. G. & E., Headquarters Atrium
installation" in DAAP.

"C. G. & E., Headquarters Atrium
installation" in 3D Studio.

"Moire Screen" and "Emerging Cube" are site specific sculptures, commissioned by The Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company for the renovation of their Cincinnati headquarters building in 1988 and 1989, installed on adjacent walls of the central atrium. They were modeled as installed in 3D Studio MAX in 2005, to be converted for display In DAAP, Active Worlds, as part of Intersculpt 2005.

Begun on the computer.

"Twisted Cube"

"Twisted Cube II"

3D Studio variations.

"Twisted Crystal"
in 3D Studio.

"Twisted Crystal" in DAAP,
Active Worlds.

165k mpg animation.

"Twisted Cube" fabricated in 1990-92, was the subject of my first attempt to reconstruct a complex already fabricated sculpture on the computer, simplifying the structure of the computer model as much as possible. "Twisted Cube II" was fabricated in 1993. "Twisted Crystal" was an adaptation made in 3D Studio and my first model exported into Renderware® format for offline installation in Alphaworld, Active Worlds 1n 1996. The animation rotates the model at La Grande-Motte.

The circular screen.

"Pool and Screen"

"Screen and Window"

"Night Screen"

"Night Interior"

1.45meg .mpg animation.

"Moire Disc" in Nimes.

"Moire Disc" in Alphaworld.

2.04meg mpg animation.

The first four images are views of my first virtual environment, modeled for the sake of experimenting with lighting and animation effects in 3D Studio simulating day and night. The central feature is a circular moire screen penetrated by geometric fragments, standing above a reflecting pool and in front of a window wall, behind wich are installed three models of sculptures which had been fabricated earlier, and brought into the computer as my first modelling efforts.
The first animation is a walk and fly through of the night-time version. The second animation and fifth image presents the animated center element in the cicular screen as a seperate freestanding sculpture set in Nimes, France. The sixth image shows "Moire Disc," installed since 1997 near ground zero in Alphaworld, the first multi-user virtual word on the Internet.

The triangles and diamond.

"Triangles 1"

"Triangles 2"

"Triangles 3"


2.04meg mpg group animation.

Four additional models for sculpture based on the square and triangular elements in the screen are animated together here. These, together with the rest of the sculpture models included in the 3D Studio virtual environment above, became the subjects of my first installations using ActiveWorlds' Internet based virtual worlds. These installations initially took place off line at "Piazza", my building site in Alphaworld, and subsequently on line in DAAP, my own world, which I have used for teaching, experiment and exhibition since 1996.

The floating screen.

"Circular Screen in Toronto"

"Through Circular Screen in DAAP"

"Circular Screen over New York"

296k mpg animation.

"Circular Screen" is a model made in 3D Studio 3 of a moire screen fabricated in glass, gold and silver, set against images of Toronto and New York, and installed over ground zero in DAAP. The animation rotates the model in a Toronto interior space.

Designing for "Twister".


"Vine Street Bridge"


945k mpg animation.

Three views of proposals for sculptural features to be associated with the identity and location of Vine street bridge over the renovated Fort Washington Way in Cincinnati. These included waveform rail and screen systems for the bridge, fountain and tornado forms, and a vine screen, for the principal features. "Coronet" was designed as an alternate treatment of the "gateway" feature for Vine Street bridge. The animation moves from an overview into a walk-through of the proposed site.

"Twister" in 3D Studio 4.

"Twister" at the
Weston Art Gallery.

"Twister" in DAAP.

The setting for the model of "Twister", the Aronoff Center Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Gallery, was constructed in 3DStudio4 and MAX, then the sculpture itself was modeled inside. I installed the sculpture on site in October '97. The final model was installed in DAAP in 2006.

"Twister, Freestanding", in 3D Studio MAX, and at The Navy Pier.
2.3meg mpg animation

"Twister, Freestanding" was modeled in 3DStudio MAX. I installed this sculpture in "Pier Walk '98" on the Navy Pier in Chicago in May. The sculpture was on exhibition through October 18th., 1998.


"Riverfront" is a computer modeled concept of an 800' long design submitted for the Cincinnati Metro Riverfront Transit Center Art Project in November 2000.

"Left-Handed Venus"

3D Studio MAX Model.

On the Taurus® mill.

Completed model.

With Urate at the Aronoff Center.

"Left-Handed Venus" was generated as a demonstration project for my Computer Sculpture class in the Winter of 2001. The model was appropriated from a file posted as shareware by on the Internet, and the geometry reversed in 3d Studio MAX. Versions were made to be installed on line in DAAP, extruded as a 7.5 inch high model in ABS plastic using a Stratasys 2000, and machined four feet high in styrofoam on a Taurus six-axis milling machine.

Sculpting for DAAP.

"2.3meg .mpg animation"

2.3meg mpg animation.

2.3meg mpg animation.

Three sculptures designed to test the real-time textured animation of objects in DAAP, ActiveWorlds, installed as my contribution to the virtual exhibition component of Intersculpt 2001, the third International Biennial of Digital Sculpture. The lower three images and animations were rendered from the initial models in 3D Studio MAX.

"Hoops" in 3D Studio MAX.

"Five Rings and Hoops" in DAAP.

"Hoops" in DAAP.

2.3meg mpg animation

"Six Framed Cubes, Extended"

"Four Bound Cubes, Rotating"
2.3meg mpg animation.

"Four Bound Cubes, Extended"

"Hoops", designed in 2002, continues to test the real-time textured animation of objects in DAAP, ActiveWorlds, as does "Four Bound Cubes, Rotating" installed with the extended cube series for the on line exhibition Intersculpt 2003.

Built in the Digital World.

In 2012 I participated together with Kimberly Burleigh, Jim Duesing, and McCrystal Wood in "Built in the Digital World" at the Alice and Harris Weston Gallery in Cincinnati. "Fields" "Moiré Fan" and "Moiré Pentagon" were reconfigured on the computer to be installed in the upper gallery.

"Moiré Fan"

"Moiré Pentagon"


The DAAP collages.

Ground Zero.



My work in DAAP.

The DAAP collages were produced as a part of my DAAP presentation in "Built in a Digital World" and were shown together with an Internet connected visitor workstation linked to DAAP, my Multi-user interactive Virtual reality world of sculpture in the Activeworlds Universe.


"Autoportrait was offered as my contribution to The Sarofim School of Fine Arts Gallery of Southwestern University exhibition “3D Printing and the Arts: What Things May Come.” in conjunction with the 2015 Brown Symposium on the same topic, and to Ars Mathematica of Paris, France, and is currently installed online in DAAP.

DAAP installations.

In 2013 "Moire Parallelogram" was installed indefinitely in the atrium of the Aronoff Center, DAAP. 1n 2016 "Fields V" was installed in the lightwell outside the West window of the DAAP Library. Models of both sculptures are installed online in DAAP, "Moire Parallelogram" as a pair set standing on alternate edges, "Fields V" is a model of the iinstallation in it's architectural context.

Illuminated by Dan Leonard.

"Moire Parallelogram" in DAAP.

"Fields V" from inside the DAAP Library.

The view into the lightwell.

Paired in DAAP.

Online in DAAP.

I hope to continue exploring my interest in geometric form, and modeling in virtual space. Working with animated objects, and producing actual models directly from virtual designs, are my interests in the immediate future.

My earliest projects are also presented in Piazza, a page of images from my building site in Alphaworld, planned as a prototype for the location of an internet sculpture exhibition; DAAP '96, a record of my first sculpture installations in our ActiveWorlds zone; and Twister, a record of the actual installation at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, in 1997.

If you have the Activeworlds viewer installed, and listed as a helper application for your browser, teleport here to Piazza. Teleport here to DAAP., my first world of virtual sculpture. You may also enter DAAP by teleporting from anywhere in ActiveWorlds via the menu option to coordinates "DAAP".

You may download the ActiveWorlds browser and register here.

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