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Other Primary Structures

The Jewish Museum, March 14th - August 3rd, 2015.


In January 2014 I heard from the Jewish Museum that they were planning an exhibition "Other Primary Structures" which would include a comprehensive model of their original "Primary Structures" exhibition held in 1966, including maquettes of all the originally exhibited sculptures. They were asking for color information on "siviley," my contribution to that exhibition, and as I had no color images of the sculpture available, I made a three dimensional model in a computer based 3D modeling program, colored as I had painted the original sculpture, and sent them renderings of the model for their advice.

Below are images of my renderings, and the model of "siviley" made by Andy Voght, as well as models of other sculptures he reproduced, and the model of The Jewish Museum as it was in 1966, produced by Aurelie Paradiso, a team from her studio, and a group of students from Parson's The New School for Design programs in architecture, interior design, and lighting design, installed in the Jewish Museum during the exhibition. The models are all archived at the Jewsish Museum.

Installation views, The 1966 Jewish Museum model.

Gallery 4 installation views

Three views of Andy Vogt's model of "siviley."

Archived with Artschwager.

Two views of my digital model of "siviley".

I feel particularly indebted to Jens Hoffmann for his reviving attention to the original "Primary Structures" Exhibition, and expanding on his sense of its broader context. Local reviewers at the time missed this larger picture, and were unable to apreciate the extent of international engagement with empathetic sculptural interests that the British cotingent represented. By drawing a larger, multinational perimeter around the community of sculptors involved, he has superceded this oversight.

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